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Believe it or not, Cinnamon Creek Ranch didn’t start out as an archery range. It started as a wild game business and we still do this today, only on a much larger scale. With over three decades of experience, we know how to process any type of game and, unlike most of our competitors, we stay open year round.

You can rest assured that whatever you bring us will be processed with care in our clean and modern facility. We retain only the leanest portions of meat possible from your wild game and our prize-winning recipes have been in the Musacchio family for generations.


Cinnamon Creek Ranch will also handle all of your taxidermy needs. We partner with multiple companies to make sure that just the right vendor will be selected for the type of service you need done. Specialized professionals handle certain mounts and certain game. We have the right connections to ensure that your most prized possessions will be returned to your satisfaction.

We’ve been in the wild game business since 1985, so there isn’t much we haven’t seen. No matter what you bring in, or when you bring it in, Cinnamon Creek Ranch has the know-how to process any type of game, any time of year. 


Joe Musacchio’s Cinnamon Creek Wild Game Processing (formally Syracuse Custom Meats) is one of the largest wild game processing facilities in the country. With over 30 years in the business you can be confident your deer, elk, antelope, wild hog or exotic animal will be processed with care in our clean and modern facility.

Wild Hogs & Javelinas


Field Dressed $90.00 per

Skinned $75.00 per

Quartered $13.00/qtr

Boneless Trim Steaks $1.00/Ib

1lb Packages $0.50/pkg



Grinding is not included in your processing.

Straight hamburger $2.50/lb

Hamburger/w Beef 80/20 $3.00/lb



*Note: Only USDA Lean Beef is added to our

Hamburger mix*



Custom Products


Seasoned Chili Meat $3.50/lb

Chicken Fries/Stew Meat $4.00/lb

Bacon Wraps $6.00/pkg

Hog Stickers $11.00/lb

Smoking/Curing Ham $3.50/lb



$100 Deposit is required for each Animal

$200 Deposit for Larger Animals

All Deer Require Tag and Proof of Sex

Boneless Meat is Required to have a tag or resource

Document attached for proof of legal harvest and sex

Of animal. Wild game from out of state is required

to have tags from the harvested state w/lic

Fresh Products

Breakfast Sausage $4.50/lb

Italian Sausage $4.50/lb

German Rings $4.50/lb

Meatballs $4.50/lb

Chorizo $4.50/lb

Hatch Green Chile Links $5.50/lb


*Note all sausage products are mixed with USDA lean pork*


Tamales and Jerky’s

Tamales/Hot or Reg $11.00/doz

Strip Jerky $17.00/lb


Smoked Sausage Products

Hickory Smoked Links $5.00/lb

Hot Links $5.00lb

Cracked Black Pepper Links $5.00/lb

Summer Sausage Logs $5.00/lb

Jal/cheese summer Logs $5.50/lb

Chipotle/Cheese Links $5.50/lb

Jal/Cheese Links $5.50/lb


*Note all sausage products are mixed with USDA Lean Beef



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